Click, Click, Boom! Video Shows EVE Orbital Bombardment of DUST 514

Ever wondered what an EVE orbital bombardment looks like in DUST 514? Check out this new video to find out.

One of the truly amazing things that CCP has put together is the interconnected PC space game of EVE Online and its interaction to the MMOFPS PlayStation 3 world of DUST 514. An EVE pilot on the PC can drop a payload on the DUST 514 planet below in real time and decimate those unfortunate enough to get caught in the blast.

Something like that may sound pretty awesome to behold, but being in two places at once (let alone on two platforms at once), can be a tough trick to manage for many players, especially if you want to avoid becoming a smoldering crater. Luckily, YouTuber Horrorgun has put together a new video that offers a look at the bombardment from both the EVE and DUST 514 perspectives at the same time. Give it a look below.

Source: YouTube

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