Fallen Earth's December State of the Game Talks Improvements and New Content

Fallen Earth’s December update brings news of improvements and a brief look at the content ahead.

Marie Croall has posted her December State of the Game for Fallen Earth that outlines some planned improvements in the works for the post-apocalyptic MMOG. Since the free-to-play conversion, a few performance problems have popped up with rubber-banding, strange stat changes and frame rate issues. The team is working on a few fixes that should have things running better soon enough.

Croall also stated that additional missions are being worked on to fill the level 30-35 gap with more storyline relating to LifeNet and Global Tech as well.  The new Territory Control system currently on PTS should be hitting live sometime around mid-December.

Looking a little further ahead, Croall without giving any solid dates added that following the release of Global Territory Control and the faction changes early next year, new progress towns, farms, the augmentation system and a few other new systems that are too early in development to talk about will be making their way down the content pipeline for Fallen Earth.

Source: Fallen Earth December State of the Game

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