FFXIV Producer Drops New Information for the Upcoming World Transfer Service

By Stacy Jones -

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV) Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida recently dropped more information about the world transfer options ahead of its upcoming launch in the form of a short FAQ. In his update, Yoshida explains what the World Transfer Service is, requirements to use it, and the benefits and risks for players that decide to make the world jump.

The short version - the benefit is obviously the option to get on a world that you want to be on. The risks are a bit more in number but nothing unfamiliar to anyone thatÂ’s ever used a server transfer service. ThereÂ’s a chance that you could lose your characterÂ’s name if someone else has it on your destination world. Gil (in-game currency) could be lost due to the transfer limitation imposed to prevent RMT. Some players could experience a period where they're unable to log in during the transfer and choosing a high population world could mean longer wait times to log in. You can read all of that in greater detail along with high population server charts in YoshidaÂ’s post.

Source: Yoshida on FFXIV World Transfer Service

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