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FFXIV Producer's Letter Aims for 1.18 Release Date

By Stacy Jones -
Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Producer Naoki Yoshida has posted a brief new Letter from the Producer with a target release date for the 1.18 update. 1.18 is scheduled to go live on July 21st and all that remains to complete in the update is the debugging of the new instanced raids according to Yoshida. But Yoshida does note that there could be a 1 or 2 day delay in the update's release, so donÂ’t get your hopes too high for a definitive arrival on July 21st.

Over the last couple of weeks the FFXIV team has detailed several of the changes coming with 1.18 such as Guildleve reforms, Battle reforms and Enmity reforms. Additional details about the game and coming changes can be found on the FFXIV website.

Source: FFXIV Letter from the Producer

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