Final Fantasy XIV PlayStation 4 Beta Announced

Square Enix dates the start of Final Fantasy XIV’s PlayStation 4 version to coincide with the console’s Japan release next year.

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) will be headed to beta on the PlayStation 4 on February 22nd, 2014, coinciding with the consoleÂ’s release in Japan. No additional details are currently available, so stay tuned.

There's also a silver lining for PlayStation 3 players. If you plan to make the move to the PlayStation 4, youÂ’ll have the option to switch over for free once the game goes live, so there will be no need to buy another copy for the new platform as your characters and data can be switched over for free.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn hit a few snags with its relaunch last month, but Square Enix has since increased server support to alleviate some of the congestion.

Source: CVG

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