Witness the End of an Era in Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix gives the current version of Final Fantasy XIV an epic sendoff to pave the way for A Realm Reborn.

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) was not the most well-received game when it officially launched in September 2010. A number of issues plagued the game that prompted a change in leadership and some major redesigning of content. Under the leadership of Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida, FFXIV underwent a major redesign, which will be implemented with the launch of the upcoming A Realm Reborn update.

This weekend marked the final event for the current version of FFXIV as the Eorzean Alliance clashed with the Garlean Empire in an epic showdown for the realm. Whether you liked FFXIV or not, the latest video gives the current version a fitting sendoff with one hell of a bang. Check out the video below for a look at the cinematic that hails the end of one era, and the beginning of another.

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