Hawken Producer Details the Reaper Update

By Stacy Jones -

HawkenÂ’s next major update, dubbed the Reaper Update, is set to go live tomorrow and bring some new balance changes to the mech fighting game. Part of the next update will include balance changes for the EMP and explosive weapon damage stunlock effect by reducing the stun duration and area of effect. The Reaper Update also comes with the first new mech for Hawken with the Reaper, a new flexible light mech, a new Accurate Reticule, XP changes, improvements to matchmaking, and more.

TomorrowÂ’s update also marks the start of HawkenÂ’s content schedule, which is expected to be two updates per month, one to introduce new mechs and the second to address balance issues and other changes.

Patch notes for the Reaper Update are available on the Hawken website.

Source: Hawken ProducerÂ’s Letter

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