Hawken Update Adds Raider Mech, Server Browser, and More

By Stacy Jones -

HawkenÂ’s latest update unleashes a quick new death machine known as the Raider mech. The Raider is capable of closing the distance quickly with its Blitz ability to get right into an opponentÂ’s personal space and unleash a hellish barrage of deadly weaponry. It even comes equiped with its own EMP item that can shut down enemy mechs for several seconds. Talk about bringing the pain.

In addition to the new Raider mech, the update also includes the new Facility map, the return of the server browser feature for improved matchmaking, additional customization options, a number of balance changes, and more. Read the official patch notes for a full rundown of the latest content and changes.

Source: Hawken Raider Mech, Patch Notes, ProducerÂ’s Letter

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