LOTRO Outlines Lore-master Changes in Helm’s Deep

Turbine reveals another set of class changes slated for release with the upcoming Helm’s Deep expansion in LOTRO.

Turbine served up a new developer diary today to detail changes coming to The Lord of the Rings OnlineÂ’s (LOTRO) Lore-master class with the HelmÂ’s Deep expansion. The Lore-master will feature three specialization lines with the changes with the Keeper of Animals for those looking for more survivability, the Master of NatureÂ’s Fury for for extra DPS punch, and the Ancient Master, a line specializing in debuffs and disables as well as the ability to heal ally Morale and Power. Check out the blog for more details on each line.

LOTROÂ’s HelmÂ’s Deep expansion is scheduled to launch on November 18th, 2013.

Source: LOTRO Lore-master Changes

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