Turbine Details Minstrel Changes in LOTRO’s Helm’s Deep Expansion

LOTRO’s musical healers are getting some extensive changes with the Helm’s Deep expansion. Find out all about them after the jump.

The Lord of the Rings Online’s (LOTRO) Helm’s Deep expansion will bring a number of extensive changes to classes when it launches in February. This week Turbine outlined what’s in store for the Minstrel class and their musical ballads. The Minstrel will be receiving its three lines with the expansion like other classes with The Watcher of Resolve, a healing line, the Warrior-Skald, a DPS line, and the Protector of Song, a support line that focuses on buffing allies and weakening enemies. Read more about each line in the latest dev blog.

LOTRO's Helm's Deep expansion launches on November 18th, 2013. Be sure to check out our interview with the Turbine devs on the upcoming expansion for more.

Source: LOTRO Minstrel Changes

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