Take on the MechWarrior Online Devs Tonight

By Stacy Jones -

MechWarrior Online has added another instrument of death to its arsenal this week with the Cataphract Mech, which has earned the name of Frankenmech given its primarily constructed from the parts of other destroyed mechs. It sounds like the picture of safety and security.

If youÂ’ve been itching to take a shot at one of the devs, tonightÂ’s your chance. Piranha Games has announced that several members of its team will be streaming from tonight as they join public games to do battle with the masses. President Russ Bullock, Creative Director Bryan Ekman, Lead Designer Paul Inouye and Community Manager Garth Erlam will be hosting the two-hour play session event starting tonight at 9:00pm ET on their channel.

Source: Piranha Games Press Release

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