Exclusive Champions of the Force Convention Interview- More Details from Darla Freeze

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Just a few weeks ago, the Ten Ton Hammer team had the fantastic opportunity to chat with Darla Freeze, an associate producer at SOE – Denver and the woman with the info when it comes to SOE – Denver’s latest project, Champions of the Force. While the first interview was full of fun facts, many questions were still hanging in the air, so we got in contact with Darla one more time to quiz her on the details of CotF.

Over the next few months, you can expect to see many articles popping up about this online card game, and Ten Ton Hammer will be there to give you all the latest information! Also, make sure you check out our two sets of exclusive screenshots – one of loot and the other of actual in-game cards. Enjoy!

Ten Ton Hammer: In our previous interview you mentioned that there will be several single player campaigns that players will be able to participate in and enjoy without getting into the multiplayer matches. Will these differ from the single player campaigns we’ve seen in Legends of Norrath?

Like Legends of Norrath, there will be three difficulty settings and the story will define specific win conditions for each scenario. In some you’ll need to be more aggressive, while in others you’ll need to focus on questing. So you’ll be required to use different strategies throughout the campaign. A big difference is that in Legends of Norrath you can use any archetype you want in the scenarios. In Champions of the Force however, there are two campaigns, one for the light side faction and one for dark side faction. You'll have to play Jedi or Rebel decks in the light side campaign, and Imperial or Sith decks in the dark side campaign.

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