Firefly: Interview With Corey Bridges

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Corey Bridges Interviewed

GamingAngels.com has posted an interview with the co-founder and executive producer, of The Multiverse Network, Corey Bridges.

Firefly is such a beloved tv show, how do you plan to capture that essence in the game?

Joss Whedon created a phenomenal, unique show. The characters were amazing but so was the feel of the show--the sense of adventure, and quirky humor--and that sense of being on the frontier, where there's unknown danger just past the edge of camp. An MMO can do a good job conveying those aspects of the show. You can't play as Captain Mal Reynolds--but you might meet him in the game. And maybe you could accept a smuggling mission from Badger or, if you're kinda nuts, from Niska.

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