Interview With Masthead's CEO on Earthrise

By Stacy Jones -

QJ.net recently had the chance to sit down with Masthead CEO, Atanas Atanasov about Masthead's upcoming game, Earthrise. The interview covered some information fans awaiting this game might be interested in reading ranging from the chosen method of advancement, some of its features and the comparison some players draw between the game and the now deceased Tabula Rasa.

Tabula Rasa seems to creep into most people's minds when thinking of Earthrise. What sets you apart from other MMO games and, more importantly, what measures are you taking to avoid running into the pitfalls of other MMOs and ensure that Earthrise will indeed set a longstanding footprint in MMO history?

The sandbox nature is probably the most important aspect that defines Earthrise and sets it apart from Tabula Rasa – its complex player-driven economy and conquest territories allow players and guilds to literally change the game. Support and communication are two of our strengths that plan to really excel with. A major pitfall of many MMOs, not just Tabula Rasa in particular, is that changes come “too late, too little”. Instead, we plan to actively listen and work with our community prior to and after launch, and support the game with steady flow of content to keep it fresh and rich of options for all our players.

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