Aion: Elyos Poeta Guide

An Introduction to Poeta: The Elyos Starting Area

An Introduction to Poeta: The Elyos Starting Area

Akarios Plains
Poeta is the starting area of the Elysea, the homeland of the Elyos and the lower half of the world of Atreia. Your character awakens in the Akarios Plains near the first quest giver, Elpas. Elpas admonishes you for some laziness then sends you off down the road to meet to with Mires. Upon completing your first quest Mires will then offer you a quest to help take back a small farm that has been overrun by some unruly kobolds and other creatures. Completing the quests in this area will take you quickly through the first few levels and guide you down the road to Akarios Village.

[protip] Aion has a capable default UI, but remember to explore all it's options to get the most bang for your buck. You can modify the overall style to a more western theme with a single option change and there are tons of hotbars available[/protip]

Akarios Village

In Akarios Village you will meet your class trainers, NPC merchants and the quest giver who will begin the quest chain that will lead you eventually to the main goal of Ascension.
This area is the main player hub for all of Poeta and contains an obelisk that binds your soul for resurection should you be killed in your early endeavors and a travel portal for teleportation and quick travel to other areas of the zone via a very cool in game flight sequence. There will be a lot of quests to grab here as well as the cube vendor and the class trainers selling spell books. I recommned upgrading your cube, it may seem like a lot but it is very worth it as there are so many trash drops and you will want to sell every single one of them. It is also a good idea to purchase as many spell books as you can afford to maximize your time in the field.
Cliona Lake
Quests from Akarios Village will set you about exploring Cliona Lake where you will help the local populace with clearing out more threats as well as collecting some rare items and retrieving a lost axe. The lake is meant to be the centerpiece of this zone and while the number of quests here do not neccessarily reinforce this feeling, the scenery certainly does. There are several spawn points of the begining gathering recourse here, grab any of these that you can. Gathering quests are a big part of early Aion for a reason, start now so that you wont need to backtrack later. If you are saddened to leave this picturesque spot you need not fret to long, you will be back here to help complete your ascension quest later.

[protip]As you progress you will gain ability combos, make sure to read the description carefully. It may be beneficial to use the combo ability early on to get maxime effect and minimize your cooldowns[/protip]

Daminu Forest
The Daminu Forest is the next area you will explore, a lush forest area that is being ravaged by kobolds. The protectors of the forest will request your help to preserve it and it's gaurdians. It is here that you will meet Forest Protector Noah, a very large treant who will give you your first cinematic of the game. This is a repatitve theme throughout your introducion to Aion as you seek to uncover the truth about your past. You will also be introduced to interactive item quests as you use a flute to awaken slumbering treants. Completing all the quests here will also get you your first in game title of "Tree Hugger". Aion titles are not merely meant for showing off your prowess or heralding your accomplishments, while they do a good of job of that their real purpose is to enhance your character. Each title you pick up in Aion will have a stitistical boost attached to it as well that is only active when the title is.

Deforested Area
The next area you will explore will be the Deforested Area. While no quests originate here you will pick up some quest items from the kobbold.

Melponeh′s Campsite
Entering Melphoneh's Campsite you will find a whole new host of quest givers as well as a new obelisk to bind yourself to. As your main story quest continues to unfold, this will be the area where you will be tasked with most of the quests that will lead you from levels 5-7. Centrally located to several areas of interest you will gain quests in the Gray Zaif Habitat and the Kabarah Strip Mine. This area for me was where the game really came alive and you began to see your characters potential. Following the quest chains here will introduce you to Pernos and Poa the final two quest NPCs in Poeta. Seek out Pernos before starting the other quests inthe Kabarah Strip Mine to help speed things along.

Agaric Spore Road
This quest area has one NPC, Pernos, who will task you with finding and avenging his lost pet in the strip mine. Pernos will later be part of your ascension quest chain.

Timolia Mine
Timola Mine is the final area of Poeta. It features Poa who will request your help inside the mine. The mine is also the final peice of your main campaign quest in Poeta, "No Entry". This is a long chain quest that you will pick up around level 4 and continue to work on as you explore the zone. One of my favorite parts so far of Aion is the way long quest chains are laid for you in your quest journal. Knowing that a seemingly mundane task is tied to a large reward in the end makes it feel much less like a grind. I suggest grouping up for the final task  in the mine. There will be plenty of others around trying to complete it and when we lose sight of the massive part of MMO they tend to become much less enjoyable.

Once you have finished the No Entry quest you get a very nice cinematic that heralds you as a champion and ties back in to your main goal of ascending and getting your wings. This should be your final quest that deals soley with Poeta, but you will be returning as you finish up the Ascensing quest line.

Your overall playtime in Poeta will range from 3-6 hours depending on play style and population and unlike many of the other MMO's it doesn't feel like level up filler. I enjoyed the quests and the scenery as I moved through Poeta and I will definetly be looking forward to taking many return trips here to level up all my alts.

Poeta Quests

Quest Title

Quest Level

Quest Giver

1 Elpas
1 Mires
3 Muranes
2 Mires
5 Ampeis
2 Mires
2 Kales
3 Kales
1 Mercenary Captain Kalion
2 Polinia
3 Uno
4 Feira
3 Given by an object you find.
4 Namus
7 Oz
3 Namus
3 Minalinerk
4 Melampus
4 Ampeis
5 Given by an object you find.
5 Namus
8 Tula
9 Mercenary Captain Kalion
6 Mune
6 Pranoa
6 Polinia
7 Baevrunerk
6 Namus
6 Tula
7 Oz
7 Mune
8 Tula
8 Melponeh
7 Pernos
7 Pernos
8 Poa
9 Poa
9 Pernos
10 Pernos

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