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Fallen Earth Releases Open beta and Preorder Details

By Stacy Jones -

Fallen Earth will be bringing the appocolypse to open beta beginning August 17, 2009. Players wanting to get a peak at the game can register for their open beta slot on FilePlanet starting on August 14. Those who choose to preorder Fallen Earth from Direct2Drive will not only receive a guaranteed open beta slot, but will also receive an in-game mount, the Wasteland Runner, and early access to the game five days prior to launch.

Those who pre-order Fallen Earth at Direct2Drive get an exclusive in-game mount-the Wasteland Runner-which has four more points of defensive skills, 2500 more Stamina and six more pack slots than other horses. Additionally, pre-orders receive a guaranteed spot in the Open Beta and a five-day head start in the game, beginning September 4.

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