Jeff Hickman Talks About Some of Warhammer's Biggest Mistakes

By Stacy Jones -

Jeff Hickman of Mythic Entertainment spoke at GDC Austin about some of the biggest mistakes made with Warhammer Online. Making the game too easy was among one of the big flaws according to Hickman. Not inspiring more social interaction and a less than flattering in-game economic market also attributed to some of Warhammer' smistakes.

However, he says, "We had great ideas for all of these really cool social tools, and we built them into the game. But the game doesn't require friends. Part of it is that it's too easy." You can design in the need for players to have to work together, but Hickman warns that "you shouldn't force friendship, but it's important, and there's a balance there. You can do so many things solo, that friendship, at least in the beginning levels, is not necessary, and it's super dangerous for your games."

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