R.A. Salvatore Talks Copernicus and World Building

Fantasy author R.A.

Fantasy author R.A. Salvatore has written some classic works of fiction in the past, but his newest challenge takes him into the gaming industry as he helps to craft the world of 38 Studios upcoming MMORPG, Copernicus. Gamasutra recently caught up to the best-selling fantasy author to talk about his role on the project and some of the inspirations he draws on when creating his worlds and characters and how he believes you get a person invested in the world they are reading about or playing.

Because I don't care whether you're writing about elves or dwarves; it has to make sense. And to make sense to people who are reading your books or playing your games -- they're not elves or halflings; they're people -- they have to have seen it in their experience. We all have an idea of how societies work, how civilizations work, whether it's a civilization like the Romans or Native American tribes.

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