Aion Producer Discusses Assault on Balaurea Expansion

By Stacy Jones -

Aion's upcoming free expansion, Assault on Balaurea, is scheduled to launch September 7th and the Obsolete Gamer recently had the chance to speak with Aion producer Chirs Hager about the expansion. Hager addresses many of the concerns some players have voiced in relation to the possible overcrowding of servers, balance, possible delays, and what the Aion team has planned for the future.

I’ve learned to always be cautious when giving a date, especially when it’s the date for a major update or in game event.  The last thing we want to be is inconsistent, and to push dates back, but in the example of our server merge, we felt that it was in the player’s best interests that we make sure a service is 100% before we go forward with it.  That being said, I am extremely confident that the 9/7 live date is accurate, and just to be clear, that is the date Assault on Balaurea will be on the LIVE servers (hint:  PTS will be BEFORE that).

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