City of Heroes: Going Rogue - First Impressions

By Stacy Jones -

This week Ten Ton Hammer takes a look at Going Rogue. No, not Sarah PalinÂ’s book, the new City of Heroes expansion with new powersets, a Morality System, and all new zones. Join Martuk, if you dare, as he dons his cape and tights and takes to the skies of Praetoria to frighten adults and small children while exploring whatÂ’s new in City of Heroes: Going Rogue.

Publisher NCSoft has touted its recently launched City of Heroes/Villains expansion, City of Heroes: Going Rogue, as something of a reinvention of the superhero-based MMOG. It certainly added new zones, power sets, costumes and features, but is it really a whole new take on the superhero genre?

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