Square Enix Details FFXIV Content Plans

By Stacy Jones -

Square Enix has posted a series of updates detailing planned content and enhancements to Final Fantasy XIV for November and December. New gear and graphics are on the way with a majority of the changes to be released in December. The update will include changes to Synthesis recipes and the addition of an auto-selection to add some convenience to crafting.

The large-scale update tentatively scheduled for November 25 will add several new features and enhancements to the game's user interface. Different colors for chat modes will also be included in the update to allow for more chat window customization.

As part of the November 24th and mid-December update, enemy spawn balance will get some tweaks. This will also include the introduction of Notorious Monsters. This balancing will continue into 2011 updates to better modify enemy distribution and provide players with plenty of stuff to make dead.

Thanks to our FFXIV Guru Ohm for the tip.

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