Runic Games Art Team Talks Torchlight II

By Stacy Jones -

ItÂ’s been a while since Runic Games has talked about their upcoming sequel to Torchlight. But Runic Games Fansite recently got them to loosen their lips a bit and managed to score an exclusive interview with the entire Runic Games art team for Torchlight II. The interview was made up of questions collected from the community and delved into the Runic art team's various art inspirations for Torchlight II, dungeon and armor design and much more. But the fansite also managed to score two new animation videos of the Outlander and Railman classes as well as a new exclusive piece of concept art.

Well we have definitely refined the animation style from Torchlight 1, this time around we have a lot more detail going into them. We are using special bones for animating coat tails and other dangles, eyes that can look around and blink, mouths that open, and individual fingers for more elaborate hand poses. Beyond the deeper complexity of the rig itself, in TL1 the player characters had somewhere in the nature of 45-50 animations each. In TL2 the player characters each have upwards of 145-150, and that's only as it stands now.

Check out the full colorful interview here.

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