EverQuest "Fippy Darkpaw" Progression Server Livecast Now Available

By Stacy Jones -

EverQuest will be launching its third Progression Server tomorrow with the opening of Fippy Darkpaw. In case you missed it last week, the EverQuest team hosted a new Livecast video to answer a few questions about the new server and how it will differ from the previous two Progression Servers - The Combine and The Sleeper.

The Livecast touched on a lot of the questions many players have about how the classic ruleset will be applied. Experience will be slowed down from what it currently is on live and the death penalty will require you to get your corpse to retrieve your experience but not your items. Unfortunately for nostalgic fans of some of the older zones, you won't get the older stuff like old Freeport. Instead, the newer changes will remain in place.

The full video Livecast has been added to SOE's YouTube channel in three parts. Check them out below for more information about Fippy Darkpaw.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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