Origins of Malu Devs on the Future and Kickstarter

Burning Dog developers discuss the future of their MMOG project, Origins of Malu, and the decision to head to Kickstarter.

The team over at Burning Dog has been working away on Origins of Malu for nearly three years, but the development has seen its shares of ups and downs. The release date has been pushed back to give the team more time to polish the game and in an effort to raise more development funding, the game has officially headed to Kickstarter. Provided that the Kickstarter goal of $1,200,000 is met by the December 8th, 2012 deadline, the team will be targeting June 2013 for release. If the goal is not met, they still plan to release, but it may be with less content and earlier in 2013.

You can read more about what the team is working on over at MMORPG. Visit the Origins of Malu Kickstarter page to learn more about backer benefits and perks.

Sources: MMORPG, Origins of Malu Kickstarter

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