Pathfinder Online Devs Discuss Solo Play and the Escalation System

Pathfinder Online devs post a new update as Kickstarter hits the halfway point with 17 days to go.

Lead Designer Lee Hammock and and Game Designer Stephen Cheney have posted a brief new video update for Pathfinder Online fans as the Kickstarter for the MMORPG passes the half way point with 17 days left to raise funds to develop the game. The duo took some time to field a few questions about the ability to group and solo in Pathfinder. Additionally, as part of the holiday update the two also discussed harvesting, monsters, the environment, and the Escalation system.

You can learn more about Pathfinder Online via the Goblin Works website and on its Kickstarter page. Check out the video update embeds below.

Sources: Pathfinder Update #1, Pathfinder Update #2

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