John Smedley Teases PlanetSide 2 Fleet Carrier

SOE boss John Smedley teases a new concept image of a new carrier possibly in the works for PlanetSide 2.

SOE boss John Smedley once again took to Twitter to tease a new concept image of a possible new carrier for PlanetSide 2 called the Bastion. You may have noticed that I said “possible” and the reason for that is what I found after digging a little deeper after discovering the tweet. A response from SOE to ZAM clarified the image a bit more as concept and that the final version may be a smaller design.

On a positive note for PlanetSide 2 fans, Senior Art Director Tramell Isaacs chimed in to say that the image is “a sign of things to come

Source: John Smedley Twitter

Bastion Carrier

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