PlanetSide 2 Screenshots Reveal the Lightning Tank

Sony Online Entertainment drops a new Intel brief and screenshots for PlanetSide 2’s Lightning tank.

Sony Online Entertainment has dropped new details and screenshots for the one-man tank of PlanetSide 2 known as the Lightning. The Lightning tank is available to all three factions at a low resource cost and comes with the following setup:

  • Capable of firing up to six rounds in under three seconds, allowing the driver to quickly adjust their aim after their first shot
  • Designed to have a modular turret that can be completely swapped out for other turrets types
  • Its "Skyguard" turret is the most effective ground-to-air weapon on the battlefield, as it's fitted with 40mm cannons with an elevation range of 80 degrees
  • Fastest ground vehicle, besides the quad, making it difficult to out run it  

The LightningÂ’s most notable weakness is its inability to go head to head with a main battle tank. Check out the latest screenshots of the Lightning tank after the break.

Source: SOE Press Release

NC_Lightning NS_Lightning_ConceptArt PS2_Lightning_Screen_(1)
PS2_Lightning_Screen_(2) PS2_Lightning_Screen_(3) PS2_Lightning_Screen_(4)

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