PlanetSide 2 Screenshots Showcase Vanu Sovereignty and Contested Bases

SOE reveals a new batch of PlanetSide 2 screenshots from E3 2012 showcasing the Vanu Sovereignty and contested bases.
Fans eagerly awaiting the next installment of the PlanetSide saga have a few more screenshots to chew on today courtesy of Sony Online Entertainment. The latest batch of PlanetSide 2 screenshots reveals a look at several combat classes of the Vanu Sovereignty along with multiple contested locations.

E3 also yielded a new PlanetSide 2 Empires at War video and our own hands-on preview. Check them out along with the screenshots after the break for more.

PS2_E3_BioLab PS2_E3_NC_Base_Overlook PS2_E3_BioLabInTheMoonLight
PS2_E3_NC_RulesForTheMoment PS2_E3_NC_FireFight PS2_E3_Vanu_Engineer
PS2_E3_Vanu_HeavyAssault PS2_E3_Vanu_Infiltraitor PS2_E3_Vanu_MoveOut


PS2_E3_NC_Aircraft PS2_E3_NC_Base_Flyby
PS2_E3_NC_Controlled_Base PS2_E3_NC_Flight

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