SOE Announces PlanetSide 2 Alpha Squad Package

SOE announces a new offer for PlanetSide 2 that can get you a few perks and instant beta access.
If you’re planning to play PlanetSide 2, SOE is giving you a chance to start the fighting early and get a few perks in the process by becoming a founding member with Alpha Squad. The new offer is priced at $39.99 and comes with instant beta access, 4000 Station Cash, the exclusive “Founder” title, a six-month 10% XP and resource boost, 12 weapon unlocks, an exclusive permanent camo set that includes matching weapon, vehicle and armor skins, and a unique decal to help distinguish yourself from the crowd in a packed battle.

Head over and check out the Alpha Squad page for more details and the official FAQ.

Source: SOE Announces PlanetSide 2 Alpha Squad

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