RIFT: Storm Legion Launches Today

RIFT: Storm Legion unleashes the wrath of Crucia on Telara along with a hefty batch of new content.

It’s been a long wait for RIFT’s first expansion, but it finally arrived today as Storm Legion unleashed the wrath of Crucia on Telara. Storm Legion marks the first major expansion for RIFT since its official launch in March 2011. Servers went down this morning to patch in the new update and unlock the expansion for players that chose to pre-order.

Storm Legion brings a swath of new content to the game that includes personal dimensions, an increase to the level cap, two huge new continents, the stronghold of Tempest Bay, four new Souls and a lot more. You can learn more about RIFT: Storm Legion in our expansion preview. Check out the official patch notes and Storm Legion page to learn more.

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