New Salem Video - Salem Away with Tarp Marpton

The colonial-era crafting and permadeath MMO claims another victim as Paradox's latest video follows the adventures of the ill-fated Tarp Marpton, a plucky British explorer type - sort of a Bear Grylls meets An Idiot Abroad. Playing on the "naked Russians" Twitter and preview meme, Tarp has an unexpected encounter in the wilds around Boston...


Aside from the luckless Marpton, the video showcases defensive structures, mounts, combat, and hints at the game's increasingly sophisticated crafting system. If you want to try your hand in the New World (and dodge some naked Russians), Creative Director Bjorn Johannessen revealed that we're weeks away from the next phase of beta (current players: you're headed for what will hopefully be one final world reset in the next two weeks).

Keep it here for more from our latest Salem interview with Bjorn Johannessen and, maybe just maybe, some Salem beta keys!

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