Square Enix Announces Star Galaxy

Square Enix’s mysterious countdown clock comes to an end and behind the curtain is a Star Galaxy MMOG.

Square Enix launched a website a short while back counting down the days until a secret reveal. Well, the clock ticked out last night and behind the curtain was a new Star Galaxy MMOG much to the chagrin of those that were hoping for a Star Ocean MMOG. The new website is pretty much dominantly Japanese, but Siliconera has broken down the details.

According to SiliconeraÂ’s post, Star Galaxy is described as an MMO simulation game set in space and featuring battles of up to 2,000 players on gigantic battlefields. Players take on the role of commander in chief by managing resources, power and infrastructure. There appear to be four factions at present to choose from: The Boldor Imperial Army, the Universe Trading Union, the Holy Knights of Selshion and the Republic.

Star Galaxy will be available as a browser title with closed beta expected to begin in Japan on December 20th. You can give the premier trailer a look via the embed below.

Sources: Star Galaxy website, Siliconera

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