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State of Decay Dated for June 5th Release

By Stacy Jones -

If youÂ’re looking for some new zombie game goodness this week, look no further than State of Decay. The first title from Jeff StrainÂ’s Undead Labs studio will officially launch on the Xbox 360 on Wednesday, June 5th. A PC version is planned for release at a later date.

State of Decay is the first of a two-part game series. While State of Decay is currently only planned as a single player game, the follow-up title currently codenamed Class4 will be a persistent world zombie survival game. State of Decay will introduce players to the world setting along with gameplay features that will involve gathering a community of survivors, scavenging for supplies, building a base, establishing defenses, and not becoming part of a zombieÂ’s complete breakfast.

If you’re curious about the actual gameplay, be sure to check out the latest video preview from IGN, where things go from good to “Oh god please help me, get it off, get it off” rather quickly.

Source: State of Decay Release Announcement

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