Cryptic Giving Neverwinter Beta Access to STO and CO Lifetime Subscribers

Cryptic Studios announces a new perk form Lifetime subscribers of Champions Online and Star Trek Online with Neverwinter beta access.

If youÂ’re a Lifetime subscriber to Star Trek Online or Champions Online, you have one more perk to be happy about this week. Cryptic Studios has announced that lifetime subscribers to the two games will now have the added perk of receiving access to the Neverwinter closed beta.

Greetings Captains!

We are happy to announce that all Star Trek Online Lifetime Subscribers will be receiving access to the Neverwinter Closed Beta test*. *When this testing phase begins, invites will be doled out to Lifetime Subscribers over the course of the test.

If you are not currently a Lifetime Subscriber and would like to become one, check out this page. Also, we are currently running a sale on Lifetime Subscriptions ($100 off!) that lasts until this Friday, June 29th, at 3:00pm PDT.

Star Trek Online Lifetime Subscriber Perk Announcement
Champions Online Lifetime Subscriber Perk Announcement

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