Dan Stahl Discusses Season 8 & 9 Plans for Star Trek Online

Executive Producer Dan Stahl discusses Star Trek Online’s next two seasons and fields questions on future content plans.

Cryptic Studios has posted the latest wall-of-text update known as “Ask Cryptic” for Star Trek Online (STO) to discuss the latest happenings and future plans for the MMOG. As per the format, Executive Producer Dan Stahl fielded a number of questions submitted by the STO community relating to new episodes, level cap boosts, Season 8 and more.

Season 8 is expected to release in May if all goes as planned and bring some hefty new content for STO fans that will include new storyline missions, a new zone, new episodes and some super secret stuff that isn’t being discussed yet. Season 9 will launch in the second half of 2013 but it will be preceded by a mid-season event that will add some new ships and features to the game. A new episode is also scheduled to release before the end of January as part of the 3 Year Anniversary content followed by additional episodes in Season 8.

Stahl also mentioned plans for a level cap increase, playable Jem’Hadar ships, the possibility for more in-game events, large-scale competitive PvP plans and STF updates. All in all it looks to be a busy year for STO.

Source: STO “Ask Cryptic” January 2013

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