Dan Stahl Returns to Executive Producer Role for Star Trek Online

Dan Stahl has once again resumed his old position as Executive Producer for Star Trek Online.
Dan Stahl departed his role as executive producer of Star Trek Online (STO) last year when he took up a new job will social gaming giant Zynga. Following Stahl’s departure at the end of September last year, Stephen D’Angelo took up the position and set the course to complete STO’s free-to-play transition. Stahl returned to Cryptic as the Foundry senior producer in early December and according to a recent announcement, he has once again assumed the role of STO executive producer.

Stephen D’Angelo posted a re-introduction for Stahl on the STO website. Likewise, Stahl posted a message praising D’Angelo’s work on STO. D’Angelo will be resuming his role as Cryptic’s CTO as part of the transition.

Source: Dan Stahl Back in the Captain's Chair

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