New Veteran Rewards Detailed in STO Path to F2P Dev Blog

Veteran Rewards get a makeover and STO Executive Producer Stephen D’Angelo tells us all about it in the Path to F2P dev blog.
Star Trek Online is approaching its 700th day of operation since its 2010 launch and Executive Producer Stephen D’Angelo has posted a new Path to F2P dev blog detailing the new changes to Veteran Rewards. Reward changes for 700, 800, 900 and 1000 days are detailed in the new blog and include a multitude of items ranging from free android bridge officers to free exclusive starship variants for each character.

One of the most notable changes comes in the form of the level 51 Vice Admiral Ship Tokens, which are currently awarded to players when they reach level 51 to select one of three vice admiral starships. This  will be changing when the Tribble build moves to Holodeck. Emblems are being removed from the game economy, so the 600 day reward emblems will be replaced with the ship token and will be awarded provided players reach level 51 and have the needed reward days.

When the Tribble build goes live on Holodeck, getting to level 51 will no longer award such a token unless the player’s account has the 600 day veteran reward. If the account gains veteran status later, all characters already at level 51 will gain this award. And to answer a frequently asked question, any character with an unspent token prior to the build going to Holodeck will still be able to spend that token. The tokens are not going away.

Source: Star Trek Online Path to F2P Dev Blog #19 – New Veteran Rewards

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