Star Trek Online Launches Countdown Teaser

Cryptic stirs the pot of speculation with a new teaser countdown and some Romulan imagery for Star Trek Online.

It’s unclear what Cryptic has planned for May but in their reveal later this month the new countdown teaser site for Star Trek Online (STO) would seem to indicate that it involves the Romulans. The new teaser page is currently counting down from 16 days and 15 hours as of this writing with a message that can be revealed by mousing over the message at the bottom that reads “Our Shadow Will Dim the Stars.” Add to that the clearly Romulan-like symbol and the warbird imagery, it’s clear that whatever Cryptic has planned will involve the more hostile cousins of the Vulcans.

What might this be relating to? Some have speculated that it could be the introduction of a playable Romulan faction. As for myself, I speculate that it’s an expansion. I could be wrong but STO has been out for three years now and there hasn’t been an expansion as of yet, so it’s certainly about time for one. Or maybe I’m just wrong and it will be more on the Season 8 update. In any case, check out the teaser site and tell us what you think below.

Source: STO Teaser Page

STO Countdown Teaser
STO Romulan Teaser

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