STO's 2nd Anniversary Event Kicks Off with a New Feature Episode Trailer

Star Trek Online’s 2nd Anniversary event is now live along with a new Feature Episode trailer.
Star Trek Online has kicked off its second anniversary event with all new prizes and games from that notorious omnipotent being known as Q. Players can take on a number of different missions to earn various prizes throughout the event, including mystery boxes that can contain Party poppers, items and Dilithium. The event is scheduled to run through February 6th. Full event details are available on the Star Trek Online forums.

In addition to the anniversary celebration, Cryptic has also released a new trailer titled "The 2800" for Star Trek Online's upcoming Feature Episode content. The new content features the return of the Jem’Hadar. Watch the Federation and Klingon forces scramble to respond to the returning Dominion forces after the break.

Source: Star Trek Online Anniversary Event FAQ

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