Star Trek Online Producer Posts July's Ask Cryptic

By Stacy Jones -
Star Trek Online (STO) Executive Producer Dan Stahl has posted his latest Ask Cryptic, answering several more community questions about future content and the upcoming launch of the Season 4 update.

Season 4 will bring several new additions to the game such as the ability to craft new fighters and Horta variants. Stahl also touches on the overhaul of ground combat kits and weapons in the update, but also notes that changes are in testing for future updates such as end game revamps, more time period appropriate weaponry, new hairstyles, costumes and the ability to visit the bridge of your shuttle or captainÂ’s yacht.

Stahl also states that the team is testing possible ways to allow characters to respect their builds, but this may also be a paid service that will require the character to be unavailable during the process. The Season 4: Crossfire update is scheduled to launch on June 6th, 2011. Dan Stahl's full post is available on the STO website.

Source: STO Ask Cryptic

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