STO: Legacy of Romulus Expansion Goes Live

The launch of Star Trek Online’s first expansion brings lots of new content and the return of lifetime subscription deals.

Set a course for Romulan space and engage the warp engines. Today marks the official launch of Star Trek OnlineÂ’s first expansion, Legacy of Romulus. Starting today, players can play as the new Romulan faction and explore new and improved worlds to experience a new Romulan-specific storyline featuring voice work from Denise Crosby, who reprised her role as Sela from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Ship aficionados will also find a number of new Romulan ships available.

In addition to new the new Romulan content, Klingons now also have full level 1-50 progression with new characters being created at level 1 and a new tutorial. Klingon Defense Force stories and other missions have been revised to streamline the new progression content. There are plenty of other changes available in todayÂ’s patch, so grab a snack and give these extremely long patch notes a read for the full list of changes.

Along with todayÂ’s expansion launch, Cryptic also announced that Lifetime subscriptions are once again on sale. If youÂ’re looking to sign up for the long haul, the price point is $199.99.

Sources: Legacy of Romulus Patch Notes, Lifetime Subscription Announcement

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