EA Integrating Play4Free Portal Into Origin

EA begins streamlining its gaming portal by bringing Play4Free to Origin and putting all their games in one place.

EA is streamlining its Play4Free gaming portal (and becoming a bit more like Steam in the process) by integrating it into the Origin platform. The publisher recently announced plans to bring the portal to Origin under the Origin Free To Play label, adding games such as Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, Need for Speed World and several others to Origin.

EA Vice President of Play4Free Sean Decker explained the decision to make the move in a recent blog.

"Why change to Origin Free To Play? The main reason is convenience for players – Origin now becomes your single destination for paid downloadable PC games and free-to-play games alike. Sign on to Origin to play the latest and greatest expansion pack in the Battlefield franchise, or jump into a Need for Speed World race. That’s the beauty of integrating on Origin – all your gaming content in one place, and the choice is yours what and where you want to play today."

Decker went on to explain what will be changing for players as a result.

"What changes for our players? Other than a new destination URL, nothing about the games has changed – these are still the premium quality games that are free to download and play, where you control when you want to pay and how much.  More games will be introduced here over time as well, and weÂ’re excited to tell you more about those in the future.  You donÂ’t even have to worry about creating a new account or changing passwords; just keep playing all your favorite free-to-play games using the same Origin ID youÂ’ve been signing in with previously for all your other PC games on Origin."

You can currently find EAÂ’s Play4Free games on Origin with the Play4Free site soon to redirect players to their new Origin home as well.

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Source: EA Blog

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