Trickster Online Shuts Down

Trickster Online joins the ranks of the retired this week as the plug gets pulled on the Caballa Island.

ItÂ’s never fun to say farewell to a game and its community but Trickster Online joins the ranks of the games thrown to the abyss this week as SG Interactive effectively pulled the plug on the title yesterday. A notification on the gameÂ’s website explains that purchased points will be refunded and can be used on other SG Interactive games, but they come with an expiration date.

- Please keep in mind all refunded points will expire on 5/31/2013 (PST).
- Refunded points can only be used within the games published by SG Interactive.

The announcement that the game would be sunset came back in January though no solid reason was given beyond “At one point, all good things must come to an end. So it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that the time to bid farewell to our friends on Caballa Island has come.”

via MMO Culture
Source: Trickster Online Closure Announcement

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