Funcom Delays The Secret World's Digging Deeper Again

Doh! The release date for The Secret World’s Digging Deeper update gets pushed back to next week.

The Secret WorldÂ’s Issue #2: Digging Deeper update is not playing nice with the Funcom devs. In a post earlier today, Funcom Senior Community Manager Oliver 'Tarib' Kunz announced that the update has been handed its fourth delay, knocking the release back to next week.

We will keep on working over the weekend to fix the remaining issue and make sure that the final version will be ready for the live servers next week. As soon as all the details are available, we will announce the downtime for the update over the usual channels early next week.

The latest delay is related to the same issue discovered yesterday that prompted the updateÂ’s third delay. The problem allowed for what Funcom calls a "severe exploit" and requires a bit more work and testing to fix before the update goes live.

Source: Issue #2: Digging Deeper Delay Announcement

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