Funcom Unleashes The Secret World's First Content Update

By Stacy Jones -

As promised by Funcom, the first content update for The Secret World has been deployed today as part of the upcoming one-month celebration. The new content update dubbed Issue #1: Unleashed, includes seven new missions, two new Nightmare Mode dungeons, the launch of the new Marketplace and more.

In addition to todayÂ’s update, Funcom will also be welcoming all players with an account for The Secret World, subscribers or not, to the game this weekend for a few free days of play. If you donÂ’t have an account and would like to try the game out, head over to The Secret World website to sign up. The free game time for The Secret World kicks off on Friday, August 3rd and will remain available until Monday, August 7th.

Check out the Issue #1 patch notes for all the details on what's new in The Secret WorldÂ’s first update.

Source: Issue #1: Unleashed Now Available

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