Halloween Arrives in The Secret World

By Stacy Jones -

Horror, conspiracy, ancient gods, and shiny new loot are all things that you can expect to find in The Secret World (TSW) during its new Halloween event this weekend. Danny Dufresne, a character thatÂ’s been featured in TSW since well before its launch, returns as part of its new Halloween event with 10 new missions complete with 10 scary stories, which you can complete and collect all the stories for a special reward during the event.

The return of Dufresne is not all thatÂ’s on the Halloween menu; the Cat god has also made an appearance with a new chain of Stonehenge missions along with an assortment of festive loot. The Halloween event is currently underway, so be sure to collect what you want before it comes to an end on November 8, 2013.

Source: TSW Halloween Event

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