New Screenshots Preview The Secret World's Factions

New York Comic Con is underway this weekend and Funcom has revealed a batch of new screenshots from the event for The Secret World.
Funcom is jump-starting NY Comic Con this weekend with a new batch of screenshots for their upcoming conspiracy-based MMOG, The Secret World. This weekend Funcom will be busy entertaining fans at NY Comic Con and we've got the latest batch of new images from the event showcasing characters from all three of the game's factions - Templars, Dragons and Illuminati. Check them out after the break.

Be sure to also check out the new The Secret War developer diary video at PC Gamer.

secretworld_nyc_4 secretworld_nyc_5 secretworld_nyc_6
secretworld_nyc_8 secretworld_nyc_7 secretworld_nyc_9



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