The Secret World Dev Blog Details PvP Changes for Issue #6

System Designer Tim Donks spills the details about new PvP features coming to TSW in Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo.

The Secret WorldÂ’s (TSW) PvP will be getting some hefty improvements with Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo later this month. System Designer Tim Donks has penned a new developer blog to reveal more about whatÂ’s in store for PvP with the new update.

One thing that will be included is a new PvP progression system that will provide new outfits and other rewards to players for filling up their PvP bar and earning a Battle Rank along with a “Distinction of the Council” token rather than a power increase, allowing new players to dive in without suffering a handicap. Each member of a player’s PvP group will earn XP from a kill as long as they’re close enough and alive, but the system operates off of diminishing returns, so killing the same player over and over again in a battleground will yield less and less.

With the introduction of Issue #6 whenever a player kills an enemy in PvP, they will gain a certain amount of PvP experience. Any PvP experience gained is shared among group members which are present (and alive) within a certain range. Every time a player is killed their experience value to the killer will diminish until they are not worth any experience points. These diminished values only persist during that Battleground game, or until you exit Fusang Projects. Players will be worth full experience again the next time they join a new Battleground. Player kills in Fight Clubs will also give diminishing returns.

In addition to the Battle Ranks and rewards, a number of improvements will be made to the Matchmaking system that should allow players to sign up for multiple battlegrounds at once and also match up players better based on their skills.

Source: TSW PvP in Issue #6

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