The Secret World Offers Exclusive Membership Deals

Funcom offers up a trio of subscription incentive deals to entice you to subscribe to The Secret World.

The sales from Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over but the deals from Funcom and The Secret World (TSW) arenÂ’t. Starting today and continuing for the next two weeks, you can subscribe to TSW for 3, 6, and 12 months to get a few exclusive deals on top of the usual membership perks.

Subscribing for 3 months will net you an extra month along with a Timed AP Boost for 3 days. 6 months will get you two additional months along with two Timed AP Boosts for 3 days, five XP potions, and five Venetian Exemptions to remove Scenario cooldowns. Lastly, the 12 month option will gain you four additional membership months and three Timed AP Boosts, fifteen XP potions, and fifteen Venetian Exemptions.

The deals are only available until December 16th, so check out TSW website for more.

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