The Secret World's Latest Mystery Heads Down the Rabbit Hole

A new addition to an older mystery for The Secret World challenges players to solve the riddle of the sealed door.
Remember that old mysterious runic door posted in February by a patron of The Secret World forums called wahoozerman? As it turns out, the plot now thickens on that little topic. Funcom has updated the mysterious image on their website and made it interactive. All you need to do is check out the video below and solve the mystery.

In case you missed the last story, just head over to the Funcom website, click on an empty section of the background and press 33 to activate. Be sure to take special notice at the end of the video for a simple clue on where to start.

Disclaimer: There are some spoilers and useful information in this thread.

Source: The Secret World Facebook Page
Original Story: The Secret World's New ARG Mystery Uncovered

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